Grilled Peaches

Most fruit tastes delicious hot off the grill, but we think peaches are especially tasty. We use ripe, but not overly ripe, free-stone fruit, and don't peel it. A classic topping, a few minutes over a hot fire, and it's scrumptious!

6 free-stone peaches, halved and pitted


4 Tbs Balsamic vinegar (buy the best you can!)

1 tsp nut oil, such as walnut, or vegetable oil

pinch of kosher salt

fresh ground pepper

Mix the ingredients in the marinade, pour over the fruit, and marinade at room temp for an hour.

Grill, cut side down for four mins over a medium-hot fire. Flip, move to the side, off the flames, and continue grilling for another 4 mins, until soft. Baste with the marinade.

Serve with our GirlsonaGrill Ginger Ice Cream Pie or any good vanilla ice cream. Pour any remining marinade over the ice cream or pie.

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