Bacon-Wrapped Dates with Almonds

This recipe came to us from our friend, Cindy Sparacino, who swears she doesn't even like dates. We thought that we didn't either – until we encountered this wonderful appetizer. To our amazement, Williams-Sonoma makes them as well – page 44 in the December 2007 catalog has them listed (24 pieces) for $39.95. Say what?

We bought the ingredients during our Thanksgiving shopping at Fresh Market – we have included the prices for your amusement:

1/2 pound of dried dates ($3.99 lb.) we bought 25 pieces for about $2 total

25 whole blanched almonds ($7.99 lb.) for about $1.50 total

1⁄2 lb. smoked apple-smoked bacon, cut in half across and lengthways into 4 pieces (about $4/lb.) for about $3.50 total


We stuffed each date with a blanched almond, then rolled in a bacon strip and grilled it until the bacon was well-done and crispy. The dates shrunk up around the almonds into a neat, tidy package and made a beautiful presentation. And best of all, they were absolutely delicious. Our total cost for 25 pieces: about $6, including the approximately 1,000 toothpicks we have left over.

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