Grilled Stuffed Tomatoes Caprese

6 plum tomatoes, tops cut off and insides scooped out

6 small bocconcini (or 3 large ones, cut in half) or other top-quality mozarella, cut into 1” cubes

Combine and mix:

1/2 cup Progresso Italian Breadcrumbs

1/3 cup freshly grated parmesean/romano cheese, and extra for topping

8 large, fresh basil leaves, chopped, with 6 additional small stems and leaves for garnish

Combine and whisk:

1 Tbs balsamic vinegar

2 Tbs good extra-virgin olive oil

1 tsp sugar

dash of Crystal Hot Sauce

Clean and scoop out the plum tomatoes, then put one piece of bocconcini or mozzarella into each tomato. Combine the the dry ingredients and then the wet ingredients, and mix the two together well. Stuff the mixture into the tomatoes, mounding it slightly. Top each tomato with extra grated parmesean and place them into a greased disposable muffin pan.

Start your grill, and build a medium-hot, modified two-level fire with one side hot and one side warm. Grill the tomatoes over the hot side for about four mins, being careful they don’t burn and turning them often. Then, move them to the warm side, close the grill lid, and let them cook an additional 5 mins, turning occasionally, until all the cheese is melted.

Top each tomato with a small basil stem and leaf, and serve hot.

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This is an up-dated version of that Italian classic, Insalata Caprese, and features the same great ingredients: fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, and quality mozarella cheese. It makes good use of the plentiful produce from a late-summer garden!