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Grilled Fish-of-the-Day

If we can't actually get out and catch our own fish, our next choice is to visit our favorite fish monger, and take his best advice. We rarely ask for a particular type of fish - instead, we ask, "What's fresh?" His response always nets us a great meal.

In this recipe and the photos on this page, we're using coastal redfish, caught that afternoon, cleaned and fileted, with the skin left on. The skin will help this tender, white fish stay firm and hold together on the grill. The Cajun Rub is spicy, so use it with discretion, unless you really like to "kick it up!"

Fish cooks very fast, and it is easy to mis-judge doneness, leaving it dry and tasteless. When the thin part of the tail is white and flaky, use a fork to separate the layers in the thickest part of the filet - when it is just barely becoming opaque, take the fish off, cover with foil, and let set 3-4 mins. Be patient - it will be the best fish you ever ate!

1 stick butter, melted

juice of one lemon and the lemon zest

Additional lemons, cut for spritzing

1/4 cup Girls on a Grill Cajun Rub

2 lb fish filets, cleaned and with the skin on

Combine the butter, lemon juice, and zest in a large flat bowl. Dip the filets in the butter mixture (both sides) then into a plate filled with the rub. Press the filets into the rub to throuroughly coat both sides.

Heat the grill in the usual hot/cold configuration, making a medium fire (you can hold your hand a couple inches off the grill for about 5-6 seconds) and heat up the grate. Use a mop or brush to oil the grate before you put it down.

Place the fish gently on the middle of the grill, skin side UP, with the thickest part of the tail closest to the coals, and cook for 3-4 mins, depending on the thickness and size of the filets. Baste with the butter/lemon mixture, and use the lemon quarters to spritz it often. Use a large, flat spatula to gently loosen the fish, and flip it over, skin side DOWN. Again, the thickest part of the fish should remain closest to the fire, but you may want to back the whole filet off the coals and onto the cooler side of the grill. The fish will now cook slowly until you determine that it's done (see above). Baste it again in the butter mixture, and spritz with the lemon slices until it's done. Remove to the platter that you will serve it from, and garnish with lemon wedges.

Menu suggestions:

Grilled Corn and Black Bean Salad

Watermelon Granita

Our Grilled Fish-of-the-Day pays homage to Chef Paul Prudhomme's famous Blackened Redfish. This dish became so popular that coastal redfish were put on the endangered species list and all fishing of them was banned in 1988. We're happy to say that sports fishing of redfish has been re-established, though we are ALWAYS on the catch-and-release program. We keep only what we can eat at the next meal.
Notice the signature "redfish spot." Leave the skin on for a moister fish.
Go light on the Cajun Rub, if you don't like your food spicy - but don't be afraid of it - we've learned to love our food HOT HOT HOT, and over time, you will learn to romance the pepper!
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