Gelato Parfait

This is our almost-instant dessert for most occasions. We love it because it can be tailored to the theme of the menu, and it can be made a day ahead, which makes meal time a snap, even for large groups.

When we have more than 6 or 8 people, we buy the small, clear plastic drink cups, and make the parfaits in them. That way, clean up is even easier than preparation!

Layer two different flavors of gelato or ice cream ( we like Ciao Bella brand), with ground cookies or nuts in between the layers. We grind the cookies in a food processor to a fine grind, like we would use to make a cookie/graham cracker crust. Top the whole thing with whipped cream or instant topping, sprinkle with cookies to garnish, and serve. It just doesn't get easier than this.

Some suggestions:

Chocolate and raspberry gelato with Nabisco's Famous Chocolate Wafers

Chocolate and coconut gelato with ground almonds and toasted coconut

Orange and lime sherbert with Nyakers Orange Ginger Snaps

Peaches "Foster"

Gelato Parfait

Grilled Bananas

Star-Spangled Tarts

Here, we've combined chocolate and raspberry gelato with Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers, and topped the whole thing with instant dessert topping. It just doesn't get easier than this!
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