Any kind of pork is a wonderful choice for grilling. Most cuts are very lean, and while they can be taste-free, the up-side is that they can be flavored any way you like.

Our first choice for barbecue is the Boston Butt, which isn't from Boston, and isn't a butt, either. It's a shoulder, and can be tough as...all getout. Braised and slow-cooked on a grill, it's makes the best sandwiches in the world.

A grilled pork loin will stack up any day against a tenderloin of beef, and it feeds a lot of people for a lot less. Season it right and cook it fast and hot.

We love jerk pork chops, too, and they headline a summer dinner party with a Caribbean flair.

We hope you love them all!

Boston Butt

Grilled Loin Roast with Apricots & Pecans

Jerk Pork Chops

Orange Glazed Pork Chops


Barbecued Ribs

Chinese 5-Spice Ribs

These jerk-style pork chops often headline at our summertime parties. You can control the heat by using less seasoning, or marinating for a shorter time. Hot or not, they're terrific with mango salsa and coconut rice. See our Recipes Index on the Recipes page for more great ideas.
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