Osso Bucco
Lamb and Veal

We have put lamb and veal together for two reasons: 1) they have many similarities and are often interchangeable in some dishes (eg. Osso Bucco) and 2) we don't cook either of them very much.

Buy lamb from a butcher you have confidence in, and try to buy the freshest meat in the case — never settle for a piece of mutton!

Veal should be fresh, moist and pink when you bring it home. Try to cook it within a day of purchase, and don't over-season it. Unlike lamb, it doesn't have a taste of its own to stand up to strong flavors.

Some of these dishes cook fast and hot, some of them cook low and slow — which ever you choose, we hope you enjoy them!

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These veal shanks are seasoned in our new Italian Rub, and are waiting for a hot date with some real tomatoes. And carrots, and celery...well, you get the picture! This is the start of a fabulour Osso Bucco!