Girls On A Grill

A few years ago, we were at a family gathering when we suddenly became painfully aware of the Southern division of labor: the guys were outside drinking beer around the pit and the girls were inside drinking wine around the sink.

When the fourth appetizer appeared and it, like its predecessors, was black and crispy, my sister and I decided it was time to re-evaluate the family grilling technique. Sure enough, upon closer investigation, the guys on the grill were so busy bonding, they didn’t want to take time out to monitor the food, much less stop gabbing and actually take it off.

During interrogation, the guys continuously referred to this cooking technique as “the two-beer timer.” Everything, it seemed, was miraculously “done” when they finished two beers each. After a couple of “done” dishes, they couldn’t see the food, much less taste it. 

So that night, my sister and I decided to stage a coup d’etat.  We took desperate measures. That’s right, we established a competition: The First Annual International Quarter-court Bocce Ball Tournament. This was played under the lights on the back lawn, and the guys found a way to kick it up to levels heretofore unexplored in Bocce, while never spilling a drop. From that night on, the guys compete in the back, and the girls are on the grill.

Now, we were not without some competence in this area to begin with, but the last few years have provided us with an interesting assortment of recipes, tips, and tricks that we want to share. 

Welcome to our grilling blog, GirlsonaGrill, where we will explore some new and not-so-new techniques for outdoor cooking and entertainment. Visit our Recipe Section, or go to Tricks of the Trade for ideas on how to char like a grill master!

If you have questions, you can contact us at If we like your question, we might use it on a future blog. Our MOM sorts our email, so please keep it clean!

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